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Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Related Violence

March 21,  2016 Portsmouth, VA read more >

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Related Violence

April 11,  2016 Hamilton, OH  read more >

Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Related Violence

June 13,  2016 Daytona Beach, FL  read more >



Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and their membership present a unique challenge to law enforcement in the United States and abroad due to their mobility, organization, finances and secrecy.

The threats posed by these organizations not only to law enforcement but the public as a whole are great. Unfortunately many law enforcement officers and law enforcement agencies do not perceive these groups to be worthy of any significant attention because generally there activities are clandestine in nature and rarely discussed outside of their circle.

In order to properly access these organizations abilities it is necessary for interested law enforcement officers to possess the information and tools to gather credible intelligence information that can in turn be used as investigative leads towards prosecutions of members of these groups.

This association is fully aware that there are virtually thousands of individuals in this country and other countries that ride motorcycles on a recreational basis and many choose to belong to motorcycle clubs and riding clubs. This association�s function is not to disseminate information on law abiding motorcycle organizations including Law Enforcement clubs, Christian clubs or weekend rider organizations.

One Percent or Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and their associates that operate in the Midwestern United States are the primary focus of this association. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs network with one another and so should Law Enforcement.

Certain sections of this website are public however the majority may only be viewed by members of the Midwest Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Investigators Association. Membership is only open to active Law Enforcement Officers, Prosecutors, Intelligence Analysts and Correctional Officers after verification of employment. Any Officer believed to be involved in conduct that would be construed as being unethical will be removed from this association. For further information click on the Join MWOMGIA link on the left side of the page.



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